A Semi-Automatic Approach for the Integration of Structural Karlstad Enterprise Modeling Schemata

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Peter Bellström

Abstract: In this paper, we describe and discuss a semi-automatic approach for the integration of structural Karlstad Enterprise Modeling (EM) Schemata. The focus is on the implementation-independent level and therefore we treat an EM schema as a high-level description of data for some part of the future information system. Our point of departure is the classic four-phase integration process comprised of pre-integration, comparison of the schemata, conforming the schemata and, merging and restructuring. In relation to the semi-automatic approach described and discussed, we argue that several rules and knowledge repositories should be used to facilitate the whole integration process. However, it is also argued that the domain experts are still a very important source of knowledge and should therefore also be involved during the whole integration process. The research approach is inspired by design science in which the end product should be a useful artifact. In this paper, the artifact is provided in the described semi-automatic approach for the integration of Structural Karlstad EM schemata. As its main contribution, the paper offers a holistic view of the described and discussed semi-automatic approach for the integration of structural Karlstad EM schemata.

Keywords: Schema Integration, Semi-Automatic Approach, Karlstad Enterprise Modeling Approach, Implementation-Independent level

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100241

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