Aims and scope

AHFE Open Access Proceedings Human publishes original articles on research and development efforts intended to promote the comprehensive integration of people, services and systems. The Proceedings addresses all aspects of  human, computer and systems integration, with a particular emphasis on AI in all domains of human activity, and on applications to industry, business, government, education, and everyday life. It attaches equal importance to human and artificial intelligence (AI), while also exploring key hardware, software and system interfaces in the technological and management processes for developing future engineering systems.
It offers a truly multidisciplinary platform for researchers and practitioners alike, discussing emerging issues in the field of integration of humans and engineering, with a special focus on (but not limited to) AI-based technologies. Its goal is to advance the theory and applications of human-AI systems collaboration, which taps into and expands on our knowledge of human-inspired design of intelligent systems. The Proceedings also examines the human dimension of everyday systems and products with applications across all domains of modern society.
Selected areas and topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


Artificial Intelligence & ComputingHuman Factors in CybersecurityDigital Human Modeling and Applied OptimizationCognitive Computing and Internet of ThingsRobots, Drones and Unmanned SystemsSimulation and ModellingSoftware and Systems Engineering


Usability & User ExperienceWearable TechnologiesVirtual Environments and Game DesignAffective and Pleasurable DesignCommunication of DesignDesign for InclusionErgonomics in DesignFactors and Assistive TechnologyHuman Systems InteractionInterdisciplinary Practice in Industrial DesignHuman Dynamics


Human Factors EngineeringTransportation EngineeringHuman Factors in EnergyHuman Side of Service EngineeringKansei EngineeringSustainable Urban Planning and InfrastructureCross-Cultural Decision MakingSystems Engineering

Management & Training

Management and LeadershipHuman Error, Reliability & PerformanceSafety Management and Human FactorsTraining, Education, and Learning SciencesCreativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Healthcare and Medical DevicesIndustrial Cognitive ErgonomicsInjury PreventionNeuroergonomics and Cognitive EngineeringPandemic PreventionPhysical Ergonomics and Human FactorsAging and Special NeedsSocial & Occupational Ergonomics


Advanced ManufacturingProduction Management and Process ControlSmart Manufacturing and 3D PrototypingMaterial and Textile Engineering