An Insight Survey of Innovation Laboratories Worldwide

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Atia Bano MemonLars-Peter MeyerKyrill MeyerKlaus-Peter Fähnrich

Abstract: During the last decades, the drastic changes in market, customer needs, technology and perceptions have stepped the world into an era of innovation, where organizations are continuously striving for an advancement of products, methods or processes to better meet the varying demands of society and keep their edge in a globally competitive environment. The way of innovation is not straight forward and encompasses different obstacles which need to be alleviated in order to design and implement a successful innovation that drives commercial value in the market and brings growth to companies. Subsequently, some dedicated and specialized physical environment is needed to support the innovative activities in a systematic way and minimize the effects of these barriers; this requisite has led to the emergence of innovation laboratories. Currently, a number of innovation laboratories exist around the globe, that are very divergent in terms of capabilities, features and resources; however, this variation and their potential have not been thoroughly investigated. We present the results of a study that identifies the salient features, potential and capabilities of existing innovation laboratories and serves to streamline further research in this domain in order to strengthen their existence and potential, and maximize the use of their innovative services.

Keywords: Innovation Laboratories, Innovation Support, Innovation Services, Innovation Management

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100259

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