Model Synchronization in Sociotechnical Service Systems

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Michael ThiemeLars-Peter MeyerKyrill MeyerChristian Zinke

Abstract: Integrated product-service systems become complex sociotechnical services consisting of human and technological components. Existing management approaches are limited as they neglect changing resources and processes during the service lifecycle. The lack of proper procedures and methods going beyond the initial service engineering leads towards unsystematic and low-quality services. This contribution addresses this gap between the real service processes and the underlying service model. The paper will describe a 4-steps procedure model, which defines a framework for synchronization routines in sociotechnical service systems. The methodic approach focuses on the definition and integration of synchronization procedures in addition to standard service development. Besides the theoretical basis, we demonstrate the practicability with a case study.

Keywords: Service Systems, Service Engineering, Roundtrip Engineering, Sociotechnical Systems, Synchronization Routines, Procedures, Reverse Engineering, Active Knowledge Management

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100242

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