Service Networks in the Area of E-Mobility

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Carola StryjaPeter HottumHansjörg Fromm

Abstract: E-mobility (e-mobility) systems experience a growing interest in politics and economy. However, establishing this new technology in the market is a huge challenge since both, customer and supplier, have to think about mobility in a new way. To attract e-mobility to customers, new service offerings are an important channel. For creating such service offerings, various actors have to interact in new relationships and networks, focusing on current and future customer needs. To give a first understanding of such service networks and how far they can be described as “service networks” in a common theoretical sense is the goal of the paper. Based on a literature review in the fields of network and service network theory, general characteristics with which (service) networks can be described are elaborated. The different players on the e-mobility market are introduced and the network they form is classified using the characteristics from (service) network theory.

Keywords: e-mobility, service, e-mobility service network, network theory

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100260

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