Transformative Service Design: From Technology to Dechnology

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Authors: Chen-Fu YangChih-Shiang WuYin GongTung-Jung Sung

Abstract: In recent years, the development of service design has increasingly focused on the issue of “transformation.” Design can not only be treated as a driver of user-centered and demand-oriented innovation, but also plays a key role in the business innovation process, value co-creation by multi-functional teams, and the derived business transformation. This study focused on Taiwan’s largest R&D organization – the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Since 2010, the ITRI has adopted “design” in innovation processes through the Dechnology (Design + Technology) project, gradually transforming the R&D process revolved around technology, into a value co-creation model through design, technology, and business. Meanwhile, during the transformation process, ITRI has strived to make changes in knowledge transfer and behavior patterns so that organizational capabilities can be enhanced. Through in-depth interviews, non-participant observation, and literature reviews, this study explores the critical success factors for multidisciplinary value co-creation during the process of change. Finally, this study proposes a Dechnology conceptual framework integrated with service design to serve as an important reference for businesses that undergo similar innovation projects and transformation management in the future.

Keywords: Transformation, Service Design, Value Co-Creation, Open Innovation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100262

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