Interactive System Design forCollaborative Case Management

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sebastian HuberChristian ZagelFreimut Bodendorf

Abstract: The success of knowledge work represents one of the most important aspects for businesses to date. Managers across all industries are searching for new ways to increase the productivity in this domain. Since traditional approaches, such as Business Process Management cannot provide the suitable context to support knowledge intensive workflows, the recent trend of Adaptive Case Management has set out to address this issue by providing a framework that enables an agile and dynamic environment for work execution. As this is a very young discipline, suitable software solutions are still rare. Therefore, the paper at hand consolidates the general principles behind this new approach and subsequently focuses on the aspect of user interface design covering innovative technologies and new methodologies of the Human Computer Interaction domain. In addition, this work also discusses possible solution approaches and presents a reference implementation based on the findings proposed. The presented solution aims at increasing employee productivity and creativity by providing a motivating way of collaboration.

Keywords: Adaptive Case Management, Business Process Management, Computer-supported Cooperative Work

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100264

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