Interactive Technologies to Enhance Collaborative Practice for Innovation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Angela CaridàMonia MeliaMaria Colurcio

Abstract: This study aims to provide a practice based view of collaborative innovation in order to contribute to the theoretical debate on collaborative innovation and to define a managerial practice to source and manage innovation. The context of investigation is the internet environment. It is recognized as powerful environment for enhancing collaborative innovation with customers, as well as, with the entire firm’s network. The paper, adds value to the existing literature on innovation by framing the elements of the collaborative practice for innovation and their role in the resource integration process and in the value creation. The study fosters a shared understanding of what the collaborative innovation practice is in order to keep it workable and meaningful. It calls for a new, more holistic and strategic role of the collaborative practice and provides new insights to replace episodic and improvised activities to innovate with a structured, codified and recursive practice to enhance the ideas co-generation process and to create value for all the actors engaged.

Keywords: collaborative innovation, practice theory, community, network.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100265

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