Knowledge and Learning in Practice-Based Studies: An Integrated Perspective to Understand Innovation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Russo Spena TizianaaKallio Katri bLappalainen Inka band Mele Cristina a

Abstract: This article goes in-depth in the conceptual analysis of knowledge and learning as social cultural phenomena. We focus on studying three practice-based learning approaches we named - “knowing-in practice”, “knowing-in-between practices” and “cultural-historical activity theory”- through their key concepts. More specifically we are interested in how these approaches interpret the creation of new social structures, learning processes, and practices in cultural-historic contexts for the creation of new knowledge, practice and activity. The study brings new conceptual insight to the topical phenomena about learning mechanisms and provides evidence on how these mechanisms have the potential to contribute to innovation. Thus, as our conclusion we state that we benefit on in-depth understanding about different elements of learning in and between actors in order to create better conditions for collaborative development, renewals and innovations to take place.

Keywords: practice, practice-based theory, activity theory, knowing, learning, innovation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100269

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