Using Bill of Services (BOS) to Achieve Effective Service Delivery

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Gad Vitner

Abstract: Services are usually performed at the exact moment that the customer demands it. Therefore, a service business must have optimal resources available in terms of skill and experience, at the right time and place. In order to achieve valuable service delivery, service organizations must develop supportive infrastructure so that the process of creating and delivering the service will be accomplished efficiently and effectively. Thus, the discipline of service design becomes a basic element in the development of services. Organizations must develop services that will meet customers' expectations, requirements, and demands, to be delivered when needed, to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Bill of Services (BOS) is a novel management tool designed to support service organizations in developing their services and planning resources to satisfy management’s strategy. This paper presents a methodology for configuration of the BOS in a manner similar to configuration of the Bill of Materials (BOM) in a manufacturing organization. The BOS assists management in the day-to-day planning and control of activities, and facilitates a professional management infrastructure in service organizations. Based on the BOS, the necessary resource capacities can be planned and service costing can be performed according to predefined service levels for each service characteristic.

Keywords: Bill of Services (BOS), service organizations, service specifications, service level, service costing

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100273

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