Towards the Inclusion of Executive Coaching Concerns for the Improvement of Training in Service Development Companies

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Authors: Emanuel IrrazábalJuan M. VaraJavier GarzásEsperanza MarcosMarcos López-Sanz

Abstract: Economic expansion and globalization have greatly increased the value associated to teamwork, thus promoting personal development and learning as distinguishing skills, especially in service development companies. This encourages workers to gain adaptability to changes due to a higher need of reaction capacity, particularly among supervisors and managers who demand more training according to their characteristics. In this regard, conducting in-company training is globally agreed as a possible solution. Such training activities are developed in a flexible way, varying both in the content and the level of the participants. Advanced training techniques such as mentoring or coaching (or its professional counterpart: executive coaching) have permitted the application of practices and processes that boost learning, improving the performance of the training. Although coaching has an individual focus, it also enhances the development of interpersonal skills such as leadership, assertiveness or teamwork, among others. This paper presents a statistical analysis of the evaluations conducted on a total of eight groups incorporating an in-company training activity performed in 2011. The work has focused on comparing assessments of participants in training for a large multinational company working in the field of service development. The main goal of the technical training was the improvement of service-software development processes incorporated in the company throughout the completion of various activities. These training activities were based on the application of executive coaching techniques so as to progressively improve the fulfilment of the expectations of the technical course. After the courses we analysed several evaluation questionnaires fulfilled by each of the participants in each group. The result of such analysis exposed a vast improvement in meeting the expectations of the training and even an overall improvement of the course.

Keywords: Executive coaching, In-company training, Course improvement, Learning analysis.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100278

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