Co-creation of Values in Designing Service through a Custom of Meta-cognition

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Masaki SuwaaHideyuki NakashimabHaruyuki Fujiic

Abstract: “Co-creation of values” is a new common notion of analyzing and producing services. The first objective of the present paper is to provide an underlying theory. Introducing what we call FNS diagram, we have theorized that both a service provider and customers, respectively, create their own values out of situated interactions between both. We argue that the notion of “service” is the whole process in which a provider and the customers create their own values out of communication with each other. This is a paradigm shift from the old “provide and consume” model to “communicate and co-creation”.What cognition is needed, then, in order for “communication and co-creation” to work? We argue that sharing meta-cognition between a provider and customers is a driving force for promotion of communication and co-creation. Meta-cognitive verbalization makes one’s problem-finding attitude active, and thus encourages eagerness to communicate and find something significant in others’ meta-cognition.

Keywords: Co-creation, Value, Service, Meta-cognition, Verbalization, Communication, Constructive Methodology, Situatedness

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100279

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