Detection of Satisfaction for the Services by Body Motion Wave Revealing Unconscious Responses Reflecting Activities of Autonomic Nervous System

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Hiroaki OkawaiaTadashi Yajima aJun’ya.Wada aMitsuru Takashima b

Abstract: For suppliers it is significant theme to know how much their service satisfied customers. Questionnaire survey, for example, is often adopted, however, the reply from customers obtained by such a way is not always accurate to express honest mental activity. This paper describes a detecting method of a more accurate reply by entrusting mental and physical activities for the services to unconscious responses reflecting activities of autonomic nervous system during sleep. This was performed on the idea that there is some relationship between satisfaction and conditions of both mental and physical activities. As a result of some experiments using services for healing, the unconscious responses reflecting the above nervous system such as respiration and pulse rate shifts beyond several hours at night showed satisfaction instead of conscious responses reflecting mental activities.

Keywords: Autonomic Nervous System, Unconscious Response, Body Motion Wave (BMW), Dynamic Air Pressure sensor, Satisfaction, Service

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100283

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