Proposal of Quality Studyfor Nursing-Care Service

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Hiroyasu MiwaKentaro WatanabeTomohiro Fukuhara

Abstract: Quantitative measurement of service process and service quality are necessary to evaluate the service productivity. We have measured employee behaviors at nursing-care facilities using the time and motion study, and visualized their nursing-care service processes. However, we have not assessed the service quality. Therefore, this paper describes development of a service quality model and a measurement system for it in nursing-care services. We examined a nursing-care facility and assessed employee consciousness related to service quality using interviews and questionnaire surveys to develop service quality model. We then proposed a quality study for methods of measuring service quality, along with prototype software developed for the quality study.

Keywords: Service engineering, Nursing-care service, Service process, Quality, Measurement

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100285

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