A Case Study: Designing the Service Experience for Big Data Discovery

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Authors: Cheryl A. KieliszewskiLaura Challman AndersonSusan U. Stucky

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present early-stage results from three investigations we have undertaken to support the goal of collaborative innovation to scale discovery. This work is being conducted at IBM Research - Almaden in the recently announced Accelerated Discovery Laboratory. The motivation for this work was the need to experiment and investigate ideas of how to accelerate discovery in a real-world setting (at the very same time that we were learning what it means to “discover”). The underlying tenets borrow ideas from Service Science to build a framework for discovery in which the Participant’s service experience takes place across and within technical, social, and spatial systems. In the big picture view, our goal is to be able to capture project teams’ journeys through this framework and provide navigational assistance. We present results of the investigations to start identifying the resource and co-creative patterns of Participants – examining what it means to “discover” and perform work in a living lab, factors that impact information sharing by heterogeneous teams, and mapping of the service experience to establish a shared mental model.

Keywords: Service Science, discovery, cloud, value co-creation, participatory design, collaboration, framework, information sharing

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100287

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