Reframing Innovation: Service Science & Governance

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jim SpohreraAlfonso SianobPaolo PiciocchibClara Bassanoc

Abstract: If we believe in innovation, change that improves quality of life, and we believe that service innovation can accelerate these positive changes in business (for customers) and society (for citizens), then we need to ask what rules of the game help maximize service innovation? Our paper aims to reframe the Rules of Innovation from a Service Science perspective as the study of different, interconnected, complex “human-centered value co-creation systems” in business and society. As an emerging trans-discipline, Service Science draws on many existing academic disciplines, creating a new whole, while enhancing the parts without replacing them. This requires a change in perspective focusing on the fact that Service Innovation opportunities (in education, research, practice and policy) depend on the improving interactions with other service systems strictly connected to the capability to perceive the service context. Consequently, we believe that new governance mechanisms might support policy makers at any decisional level (regional, local, national) contributing the useful scaling of new service innovations in health, education, government, finance, hospitality, retail, communications, transportation, energy, utilities.

Keywords: Service Science, Service Innovations, Innovative Governance, T-shaped People, Value co-creation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100288

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