The Access Rights to Communication Resources in the Smart Local Service System: First Insights

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Authors: Gaetano Maria GolinelliaAlfonso SianobPaolo Piciocchi bAgostino Vollero bFrancesca Conte b

Abstract: This paper aims at highlighting the relevant role of Service Science perspective in place governance. The study conceptualizes a new form of territorial “governmentality” capable of managing the access to place communication resources and activating decision-making collaborative logics with stakeholders. The methodology envisages the integrating of Service Science Management and Engineering+Design and Viable Systems Approach. Smart local governance has to enable a broader access to place communication resources, regulating the access rights. “Open Governance” mechanisms and access to shared place communication resources facilitate the value co-creation process with stakeholders. The conceptual paper presents the typical limitations of the deductive approach. The paper argues that stakeholders play a proactive role in the creation, innovation and utilization of place-specific communication resources through high degree of interaction, availability and accessibility to a growing body of information. The paper offers new insights on local governance issue, emphasizing the role of the governance in ensuring stakeholders’ access to communication resources. Developing improved methods to facilitate effective value co-creation process is valuable for a participatory and interactive approach in place communication management.

Keywords: value co-creation, smart governance, access rights, Service Science Management and Engineering+Design (SSME+D), Viable Systems Approach (VSA), communication management.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100292

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