Success Factors and Approaches of Service Fascination – A Research Framework

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Christian ZagelFreimut Bodendorf

Abstract: To gain competitive advantage many retailers, especially the ones of the fast moving consumer goods industry, aim at providing their consumers with unforgettable experiences across various channels. A lot of research has been performed in order to identify appropriate experiential criteria for achieving the highest possible consumer satisfaction. Nevertheless, researchers still lack knowledge regarding the impact of the individual experiential dimensions, the influence of technology as well as possibilities to measure the effects of system design features on perceived consumer experiences. A generalized concept is presented which aims at applying research findings on consumer experience for the strategic development of exciting self-service systems. Supported by an experiential design survey, a service fascination research model is presented to assess strengths and weaknesses of concrete self-service technology artifacts and the dependencies between their utilitarian and hedonic aspects as well as the user’s technology readiness and trust. The approach and corresponding hypotheses are evaluated using the examples of an interactive fitting room as well as a social media mirror specifically designed to create positive emotions amongst young consumers.

Keywords: Technology Acceptance, Consumer Experience, Self-Service Technology, Service Fascination, Retail, Digital Natives

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100293

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