The First Intelligent Store in Brazil

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Authors: AlbertinAlberto Luiz aRomanoRegiane Relva b

Abstract: The First Intelligent Store in Brazil was developed since 1993 and since 2011, it was implemented at Billabong Store in Alphaville, São Paulo, Brazil as study case of a PhD. Inside the same space, it was implemented 15 applications that uses RFID, NUI, Mobility, Interactivity, all connected with an ERP that is integrated with Smart Self Checkout, Smart Loss Prevention, Smart Dressing Room, Smart Exhibitor, Smart Inventory, Smart Replenishment, Smart POS, Smart Shelf and other features that allows the store improve the manager and the customer experience. As a result, the store counts with the boost to the store´s traffic, fueled by curiosity about the new solutions that also led to higher sales. For the customers it was very important because the technology helped to reduce queues and improve the shopping experience. For the business it was wonderful because they could improve the receipt, inventory, loss preventions, products locations. The customers can play inside the smart dressing room that recognize the products and suggest others that coordenates with that one that customer bring inside the smart dressing room. It helps to know the habits of consumers and their expectations and it helps to increases the sale of products on impulse. The store is a big success in Brazil, because it was the first one that put everything together at the same place: RFID, NUI, ERP, Mobility, and we could prove the ROI with the technologies working together.

Keywords: (IT) Information Technology. AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture). RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Barcode. Biometrics. Retail. Loss Prevention. Inventory. Stock. EPC (Electronic Product Code) Processes. EAI (Enterprise Application Integrator).

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100294

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