Service Innovation and Social Innovation: an Analytical Framework and its Application to Health Services

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Luis Rubalcaba aFaiz Gallouj bPaul Windrum cMarja Toivonend

Abstract: The research fields of service innovation and social innovation have been largely disconnected. Even though they deal with somewhat similar socioeconomic issues and both are studied in a multidisciplinary way, the research trajectories have been rarely crossed. This paper proposes a comprehensive framework to set up a bridge between the two research fields. The paper defines the concept of social innovation and approaches it from a service innovation perspective. Inter-linkages between service and social innovation are shown by identifying research areas in which both find a joint heuristic field. Finding these kinds of fields is particularly possible when services in multi-agent frameworks are revisited from a social innovation perspective, leading to place citizens and organizations and/or the third sector in a prominent position in the innovation process. This approach has been illustrated in a set of case studies in the health sector in Europe. Finally, the paper aims to identify the value added that social innovation can bring to service innovation research and vice-versa.

Keywords: Service Innovation, Social Innovation, Third Sector

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100301

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