Social Influence Tagging as a Service for Brand Marketing

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jin-Gu PanWen-Tai Hsieh

Abstract: Oppose to the strategy of maximizing the spread of commercial advertising though/within the members of a social network, the key issue for the most firms in brand marketing should be targeting the set of individuals who may consume with higher possibility under the inevitable budget constraint. In this research we introduce a prediction framework for “precision targeting” based on the concepts of information cascades and the effects of the consumer conformity. That is, the goal of this framework is to investigate the processes to detect the influencers with higher purchasing possibility in the coming time period. Given the difficulties of data collecting and analyzing, this so called “Social Influence Tagging” can thus be as a service for all the brands for marketing strategy.

Keywords: Social Marketing, Precision Targeting, Social Influence Tagging, Information Cascades

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100247

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