Exploring the Servicelization of Mobile User Interface Evaluation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shih-Chun ChouTse-Ming TsaiYuting Lin

Abstract: Publication apps, as applications of magazines, books, journals or catalogs published for mobile devices, promise to revolutionize the way we read. A feature central to the success of publication apps is the design of a satisfied interface to link interactive components to the content, which plays a pivotal role in providing readers with good memories and increasing reader satisfaction. However, today's production platform cannot directly feedback suitable mobile user interfaces for designers or editors, as well as the review processes are so lengthy that companies spend a lot of time in waiting for the results or fixing apps based on the rejection reasons. In order to improve the quality of publication apps, we propose a systematic pre-evaluation process that assists businesses to start a pleasant design and to offer consistent mobile experiences to their specific reader communities. The current study integrates association rule mining algorithm with rejection letters in order to identify possible unsatisfied user interface. We find that publishers who submit numerous publication apps save time in both development and submission, resulting from reducing the communication gap with programmers. Therefore, this approach not only enhances efficiency for mobile application development through technology-mediated service, but also effectively generates quality assured user interface meeting mobile reader needs while remaining economically competitive.

Keywords: Association Rule, DevOps, Digital Publishing, Mobile Application, User Interface

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100248

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