Shopping Experience as a Service for On-line Group Purchasing

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Tai-Lin ChinaYu-Shuan TsaiaRaymund J. Linb

Abstract: Group purchasing has become an important trading activity in today's e-commerce. Most of current group purchasing websites provide a platform for sellers to list products and process transactions. Consumers are attracted and gathered by bonuses or discounts provided by the websites. In such traditional group purchasing scenario, product information is listed in one specific website and consumers have to find the products which they are looking for on the specific website. The impact of social opinions and experiences on group purchasing activities are not fully utilized and studied. In this paper, we design a novel group purchasing system which can directly embed grouping service in any webpages rather than establishing a traditional web store. In addition, user experiences are collected and employed to increase the possibility of group purchasing activities. The impact of other users’ preferences and purchasing activities on a buyer’s purchasing choice is further studied.

Keywords: Group Purchasing, User Experience, Social Networks, Systems Engineering

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100249

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