The Role of Ergonomics in Architectonic and Marketing Operations

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Rafał Janowicz

Abstract: The 20th century, along with the development of mass culture, brought a rapid increase of marketing communication significance. At first, this branch of art had an informational function associated with advertising operations. Nowadays, an increase of marketing specialists’ interest in influencing a human being by the space they stay in may be observed. Ergonomics plays an important role in such operations. The aim of this article is to show the association between ergonomics, marketing communication and architecture. Examples of using ergonomics in designing buildings with chosen utilitarian functions will be presented. This issue will be discussed, among others, on examples of marketing terms functioning in architectonic design, such as: customer’s path shaping, speed of moving, sight leading, and influencing the comfort of using the space.

Keywords: architecture, ergonomics, marketing

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100090

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