Design of Exterior Facades and Ergonomics of the Interiors

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Joanna Tymkiewicz

Abstract: The paper is a recapitulation of literature analyses, the author’s observations and studies of selected buildings. Special focus is given on the interaction of the elements creating the external image of buildings, such as their shell, façade solutions and the ergonomics of their interiors. On the grounds of literature analyses the author collected information on the functionality of buildings with extraordinary architectural forms and fashionable façade materials. In the next stage, the functionality of architectural details was investigated, as they create the aesthetics of the facades: breaks in walls, bay windows and various types of sun protection shields. In the course of in-situ investigations, initial conclusions on the impact of the façade solutions, shaping the esthetics of buildings, on the comfort of use of the interiors were verified.

Keywords: Facades, Ergonomics of the Interiors

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100101

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