Ergonomic Solutions for Large Hotel Spaces

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Joanna JablonskaElzbieta Trocka-Leszczynska

Abstract: Apart from providing accommodation and fulfilling basic human needs, contemporary hotels are places of meetings, business agreements, conferences, symposiums or celebrations of important life invents. In order to provide sufficient space for large groups of users coming at the same time, hotels are being equipped with great halls, vast rooms, and wide corridors. These types of interiors raise certain issues, such as: sufficient lighting, proper acoustics, user and fire safety, high wear rate of finishing materials, or comfort of people with disabilities. However, these problems are usually treated as secondary concerns, whereas the focus is often on an interesting architectural design, implemented without sufficient specialist knowledge on acoustics, visibility or fire protection. This study is a closer analysis of the aforementioned problems, based on case and literature studies. The paper also proposes guidelines which can prove useful in designing or refurbishing large hotel spaces.

Keywords: Ergonomics of hotels, public space in hotels, large hotel spaces, hotel design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100105

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