Democratic Culture Paradigm for Organizational Management and Leadership Strategies - The Company Democracy Model

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Authors: Evangelos MarkopoulosaHannu Vanharantab

Abstract: Democracy is one of the most powerful words in the world. A word that indicates justice, equality, development, prosperity, respect, freedom, rights, fairness and many other significant meanings that no other word in any language can express better. However, managing, leading, achieving, and sustaining democracy in its true meaning is very difficult, not to say almost impossible. In this research we developed and defined a democratic company culture method and revealed its main components through a new organizational co-evolutionary spiral method and a process for creating a culture that suits different organizations. Companies can create new knowledge, initiate, innovate, understand, perceive and apply the results from the method and manage and lead the company to improve the degree of democratic company culture. Theoretically, the overall procedure adopted in our research is the same as that which has been presented for human and company performance improvement. First, the actuality is viewed through the current democratic behavior. Then the capability and the potentiality in the organization are examined. In this process, the indicative critical issues addressed and answered are: Actuality > what are we managing to do now for our organization’s democratic behavior? Capability > what could we achieve now to develop democratic behavior in our organization? Potentiality > what could we be doing to develop our organization’s democratic behavior? This paper presents our first approach towards identifying and defining the degree of company democracy.

Keywords: Knowledge management, culture development, organizational behaviour, strategy, leadership, assessment, innovation, co-opetition, extroversion, organization, decision support systems, company democracy.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100111

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