Influence of Selected Ergonomics Factors on the Effectiveness of Quality Control: Case Study

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Fryderyk WachowiakAgnieszka Kujawińska

Abstract: In this article the authors discuss the results of the influence of selected factors on the effectiveness of ergonomic quality control in production plants of the plastics processing and wood industry. Unsatisfactory performance of the one hundred per cent, visual inspection of products provided a starting point to undertake research. Analysis of workstations using the Pacholski checklist, surveys of subjective feelings of employees and methods of experts, showed a low level of selected ergonomic factors. Considering the fact that the main aim of the company is profit, to urge employers to interest in ergonomics, profitability of the investment should be presented. Validity of the project can be shown by the growth of such indicators as effectiveness, efficiency control, productivity, etc. The analyzed literature, including nearly one hundred and fifty scientific publications, the problem of the impact of ergonomics on the effectiveness of one hundred percent quality control has not been taken. An attempt to determine the relationships between working conditions and the effectiveness of the quality control process presented in this article, is a case study.

Keywords: Ergonomics, Human Factors, Quality Control, Visual Inspection

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100113

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