Ultralight Exoskeleton Walking System for Heavy Loaded Users

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Michal Pelczarski

Abstract: It is known that because of the vertical position of the human body, there are few serious imperfections in the musculoskeletal structure. These critical defects, combine with elongated life time, results in the mass sicknesses and disorders. Proposed in the article system, can greatly reduce that imperfections, by giving the right dynamic support for the natural musculoskeletal system. Additionally, the ultralight exoskeleton walking system, absorbs the energy during the movement of the strongest groups of muscles, and gives it beck, supporting weaker groups of the muscles. The ultralight exoskeleton walking system, combines of two subsystems: pneumatic (or not) top independent exoskeleton and attached to it walking exoskeleton system. Top one saves the human spine structures. The second one save the human knees. Both of them reduce the muscles fatigue.

Keywords: Exoskeleton, Ultralight, Walking System, Energy Accumulation, Muscles Fatigue, Muscular Shock Resistance

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100116

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