Comprehensive Inclusive Design for Public Transport System in Shanghai

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Han XingmouLiu Long

Abstract: Recently, inclusive design is one of the most significant principles involved with design for urban public facilities, and urban public transport system( PTS), as a public facility, normally need to cover different types of users, which forced them to promote the inclusiveness in its service. This led the mainstream design tendency to concentrate on ergonomics of marginalized users. Despite the traditional inclusive design strategy, this paper outlines the evaluation on the other two aspects, which included systematical design and product experience, to complement the current inclusive design in current PTS of Shanghai. In this case, the purpose of this paper is probe the affecting factors related to the systematical issues and the product experience in the public traffic service. Literature study and online questionary concerned with PTS in Shanghai, are the main approaches in this study, which ultimately indicated the issues from the systematical angle and a more comprehensive model of inclusive design system for PTS in Shanghai.

Keywords: Public transport system in Shanghai, system theory, product experience, inclusive users’ needs hierarchy.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100118

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