The Subjective Analysis of the Main Workload Dimensions in the Company from the Transportation Industry

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Rafał MichalskiKatarzyna Jach

Abstract: This research is focused on determining the relative importances of diverse work dimensions and their attributes in a large company producing transportation vehicles. Fifty four employees from three different departments took part in this examination. They were all males with significant work experience in the current post and overall in the company. The obtained results were investigated both for all of the examined workers as well as individually for a number of various professions. The whole study was conducted within the Subjective Overall Workload Assessment (SOWA) framework and included the analysis of the manual material handling, body posture and movements, work environment, and mental requirements. The applied method allowed for identifying crucial areas in which immediate ergonomic interventions are necessary. Moreover, it was also possible to specify the hierarchy and order of the issues of ergonomic nature that should be addressed in the longer term.

Keywords: workload, transportation industry, subjective assessment

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100097

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