The Subjective Overall Workload Assessment (SOWA) Method as a Tool for Effectiveness Evaluation of Ergonomic Training in a Food Processing Industry

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Authors: Katarzyna JachRafał MichalskiMarcin Kuliński

Abstract: The Subjective Overall Workload Assessment (SOWA) is a tool for overall evaluation of workload. It takes into account the work environment, both static and dynamic workload as well as mental workload. The method allows to identify the dimensions and factors having the greatest influence on the workload. Its huge advantage is an internal consistency assessment which lets researchers to eliminate the unreliable subjects. SOWA has been applied as a tool for evaluation of workload until now. The article shows the application of SOWA method as an effectiveness evaluation tool in ergonomic training. About 300 workers participated in the two-part ergonomic training. Each part included an expert talk, a demonstration and training of proper technique of weight lifting and carrying as well as physical exercises. Between both parts of training there was a six-month interval. The SOWA questionnaire was applied before the first part of training and after the second one in order to control its effectiveness. As the conclusion, it was stated that the ergonomic training influences on the overall workload measured by the SOWA method.

Keywords: workload assessment, pain questionnaire, physical activity index

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100098

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