Ergonomics in Polish Outpatient Clinics

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Agnieszka Gębczyńska-Janowicz

Abstract: Outpatient clinics are structures in which ergonomics plays a key role. This fact is associated with an often occurring risk of developing hospital-acquired infection. The risk increases with mistakes made in wrong planning of working places for the medical staff. On grounds of the profile of such an outpatient clinic, planning the functional and spatial lay-out is subordinated to high utilitarian requirements, including hygienic and sanitary, and technological requirements. A properly planned structure allows to reduce dangers more efficiently for its users: patients and medical staff. The aim of this article is to show the role of ergonomics in planning the safe space in medical facilities. It will present current regulations concerning the spatial planning of outpatient clinics as structures offering medical services in time not exceeding 24 hours, as well as analyses of practical solutions on architecture, technology and ergonomics, which increase user safety in Polish medical facilities offering primary care.

Keywords: architecture, ergonomics, outpatient clinic, harmful factors in the working places

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100099

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