Design for Health and Dignity: User and Stakeholder Involvement in Design for Urinary Continence

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Louise MoodyAdele LongAvril McCarthy

Abstract: Fully understanding stakeholder needs is important. For each project the participants, methods and timing of involvement should be considered (Vink et al 2008). Methods of engaging stakeholders and users are numerous, but case study examples demonstrating consultation in practice for incontinence product development are not frequently reported. The authors have been involved in a number of user-centred design projects that have been undertaken to enhance the health and dignity of patients and users in the UK. These projects have involved different levels of stakeholder and user involvement in the product development and evaluation process. This paper will describe two case studies focussed on product design for urinary continence management. This is an area in which stakeholder and user engagement is important but can be challenging to achieve. The way in which stakeholders were involved and the resulting impact is described.

Keywords: User-centred design, stakeholder involvement, health, dignity

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100472

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