Human Factors View of the Assistant at Laparoscopic Procedures – A Pilot Study

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kristian KarlovicStefan PfefferThomas MaierKarl-Dietrich Sievert

Abstract: This study is part of a research project with the aim of reducing physical demand and workload of surgery staff. In a first step, human factors of assistant additional to the surgeon should be analyzed. Therefore subjective and objective measurement approach was utilized. In general the subjective results show slight perceived demand. Furthermore, the assistant in urology perceived less demand than in gynecology. The objective results show slight demand for the assistant in gynecology. Life-record-data revealed similar static body, head and arm postures for the assistant and the surgeon in gynecology. Furthermore, this study shows the observation that human factors are influenced by the common working space and the significance of the common task as a team. The workflow-chart shows many parallels in the movements of the upper arm of the surgeon and the assistant during the preparation phase. In conclusion, one similar technical supporting system might be developed for the surgeon and the assistant because of many parallels in ergonomics with the aim of reducing physical demand and workload.

Keywords: workload, supporting system, physical demand

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100482

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