Ergonomic Analysis Regarding the Space Arrangement in the Working Environment of the Dentist

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Eliel Soares Orenha aWilson Galvão Naressi aSuely Carvalho Mutti Naressi aSymone Cristina Teixeira aEnzo Rosetti aBenevides da Silva Porfírio Junior aAngélica Cristiane Bulio Soares bMarcelo de Castro Meneghim b

Abstract: This study evaluated the ergonomic conformity regarding the spatial arrangement of dental workspace installed in the Basic Units of the Unified Health System (SUS), in Brazil. We created a checklist with ergonomic requirements provided by ISO / IDF 4073:2009 and further information from the literature and suggested by researchers in the field. We analyzed 40 dental workspaces verifying the compliance level to the requirements of 17 checklists. It was found that there is predominant frequency in the Regular category (23 dental workplaces - 57.5%) and Poor category (15 dental workplaces - 37.5%) and in only 2 dental workplaces (5%) the compliance level was categorized as Good. None of the dental workplaces presented a compliance level categorized as Excellent or as Very bad. The level of compliance of the space arrangement presented is considered low. Corrective measures and suitability are relatively complex because large structural changes are required.

Keywords: Human engineering; ergonomics; dentistry; dental workplaces; efficiency.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100491

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