The Ergomedical Design: Integrating a Medical Approach into the Innovative Design Process

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Authors: Virginie Rosa abFranck Handgraaf aJean SayeuxcBrice PereyredFrédéric Cordiere

Abstract: Ergonomics, usability and user-centered design are terms that are well known among designers. Yet, products often seem to fail to meet the users' needs, resulting in a gap between expected and experienced usability. Prospective users of a new design in the area of everyday products offer innumerable opportunities for measurement and observation, in view of both the diversity in user populations and the freedom of where and how to use a product. In this research we wanted to show the impact of integrating a medical approach with an ergonomic approach to create a new sphere of innovation. This is what we called the Ergomedical design. This design process allows innovating protection concepts, but also in the wellness or human performance. All the examples are in the field of physical activity. We illustrate the integration of medical experts and their approach to innovation and design product with an innovative concept of earplug. Generally, it's explained that earplug protects of environment (pollution), water and maybe the cold (or wind). But the problem for users is not pollution, water or cold but the otitis and the exostisis. So with our medical team, we decide to change our approach and develop an earplug, which protects patients about otitis and exostisis. With this new design approach, a new concept of earplug was born. During the conception, the medical team has validated or not the different designs with medical arguments. The first test has been centered about the health used of the product on extreme condition. We have tested this product during many days and every tester has kept the earplug in his ear during 6 to 8 hours by days. Our medical manager has tested a non-irritability of this product. To finish we have tested this earplug during one year in order to prove the concept efficiency to prevent the otitis and the exostisis. Ergonomic tests have proved the comfort, the fit design and the good adaptability for the sport practice. The Ergomedical concept completes the ergonomic and user's centered approaches to design new product.

Keywords: Ergomedical Design, Human Factors, Product Design, Ergonomics, Exemplary Paper, Human Systems Integration, Systems Engineering, Systems Modeling Language

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100509

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