Development of an e-Healthcare System for University Students

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yoshiro Imai*Eiichi Miyazaki**Hiroshi Kamano***

Abstract: An e-Healthcare system with IC card authentication, automatic health screening subsystem and Web-based health information monitoring, has been designed and implemented for university health education. It is a prototype of private Cloud service of e-Healthcare for university students which can obtain their health records from physical measuring devices with their IC card-based authentication, manage their health data in suitable database, investigate such data from viewpoint of doctors/nurses and provide such information for self-healthcare controlling through Web-DB service. This paper presents an organization of the above e-Healthcare system, demonstrates its real usages in university health education and describes its brief evaluation and expanding plan through practical applications.

Keywords: IC card authentication, health screening, health information monitoring, university health education

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100516

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