The Needs of Smart Medication Reminder for Elderly s

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Fei-Hui Huang

Abstract: The increasing burden of chronic illness is currently a significant challenge due to the aging of the global population. For most people who suffer from chronic illnesses, lifelong treatment is needed for their health management. This study is focused on the needs of elderly people with chronic conditions who require lifelong treatment for disease management in taking medications as prescribed. A face-to-face survey and a multiple case study were conducted to elicit the reasons why elderly s use pill box and to determine the effectiveness of the smart medication reminder system. The results indicated that 60% patients need a tool for assistance in taking their medication as prescribed. The experimental results showed that the smart medications reminder may effectively assist users in taking their medications as prescribed. The patients’ needs for the smart mediation reminder include reminder design, mobile medication reminder, ease of use, flexible design, and Modular Design. By using the smart medication reminder, the pressure of taking medications as prescribed may be relieved for the most elderly users. Furthermore, economic, social support, and elder care subsidies are the important factors for patient welfare.

Keywords: Medication reminder; Health records; Homecare system; User needs.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100523

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