The Evaluation of Compatibility between Human and Mattress using EMG

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Se Jin Park aSeung Nam Min bMurali Subramaniyam bHeeran Lee a

Abstract: Sleeping environment can have a significant influence on sleep quality. Sleeping on the incorrect mattress can cause lot of health problems and affects comfort. The mattress with extra firmness or softness does not allow the sleepers muscle to rest. This study developed a methodology to evaluate compatibility between human and mattress firmness using an electromyogram (EMG). Two mattresses were considered (spring and tempur mattress) with different firmness. Ten healthy participants were tested (age: 31.70 ± 2.19 years; height: 170.90 ± 7.90 cm; weight: 70.60 ± 13.95 kg) on each mattress when lying supine and turning to their right for ten times. The EMG activities (RMS) were measured from eight different muscles (right side cervical paraspinal, right and left side upper trapezius, right and left side latissimus dorsi, right and left side lumbar erector spinae, and right side gastrocnemius lateral). Subjective rating was also collected from the participants. The RMS results showed significantly lower muscle activities when subject tossing and turning to their right on the spring mattress than tempur mattress. Spring mattress provided significantly greater relaxation on subjective rating. This methodology can be used to evaluate different mattress compatibility with various material properties.

Keywords: Comfortable Mattress, Mattress Firmness, Muscle Strain, Health Care, Sleep Quality

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100534

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