Integrated Patient Risk Assessment: Moving & Handling, Falls, Pressure Ulcers, Continence, Dementia

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Authors: Sue HignettElaine GoodwinLaurie Wolf

Abstract: This paper reports the development stages of an integrated patient risk assessment summary. The aim was to simplify the recording of assessment data and support communication of bedside information within the multi-disciplinary team. It is part of a larger study using human factors/ergonomics to manage the risk and associated injuries of in-patient falls. The previous documentation required staff to complete the appropriate sections of a 20 page adult admission risk assessment which was both complex and included duplication; thematic analysis identified that mobility and range of movement were recorded 17 times. Two workshops were held with subject matter experts (mobility, tissue viability, medication, falls) and medical ward staff. An iterative review process was used to identify, augment, reject and categorize themes and finally prioritize 7 topics for medical condition, confusion, mobility, fall history, skin condition, assistance needed to swallow/eat/drink and continence. There was also an alert box with information on allergies, infection control and communication (hearing and vision).

Keywords: Patient Safety, Risk Assessment, Integrated clinical systems, Falls

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100478

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