Ergonomic Analysis of Dental Equipment

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Eliel Soares Orenha aWilson Galvão Naressi aSuely Carvalho Mutti Naressi aSymone Cristina Teixeira aEnzo Rosetti aNatalia Miguel aAngélica Cristiane Bulio Soares b

Abstract: This study proposes to evaluate the ergonomic aspects of dental equipments. Based on the requirements proposed by ISO/FDI, on the existing literature and related researches an evaluating system was devised. Thirty nine dental clinics were examined using 165 points-system proposed, distributed in 12 criteria. None of the dental clinics examined showed a bad ergonomics level, 41% were good and 59% reached excellent levels. The point-supported evaluation system proposed is effective in the analysis of the ergonomic conditions of dental equipments, allowing a quantification of their characteristics. Using this system, the dentist can also know the level of ergonomic satisfaction existing in his equipment, and indentify the conditions to be improved. It was concluded that the equipment belonging to dental workplaces evaluated had excellent level of compliance, however corrective measures are needed since even the presence of a few non-conforming items is a sufficient condition to cause injury to users, decreased efficiency and comfort and loss quality of service.

Keywords: Human engineering: ergonomics; dentistry; dental equipment; efficiency, organizational

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100542

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