Cen / ISO Technical Report (TR) 12296 - 2013 Ergonomics, Manual Handling of People in the Healthcare Sector International Consensus

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Authors: Elly M. Waaijer

Abstract: In 2012 a new ISO Technical Report (TR) 12296) was published, this TR was endorsed by CEN in July 2013. A working group of specialists have been working on this document for a period of more then 3 years. The working group was formed under the responsibility of Technical Committee ISO/TC 159, Ergonomics, Subcommittee SC3, Anthropometry and Biomechanics, representing 23 participating and 12 observing countries. Previous ISO standards and TR’s have had too little attention for the specific problems of patient handling in health care. ISO 11228 parts 1-2-3 address ergonomics and manual handling in general. ISO 11228 part 1 considers in an Annex in short the aspects of manual handling of living persons. The new TR is therefore intended to be a tool for assisting with the application of this series in the context of the healthcare sector. Its main goals are to improve caregivers' working conditions by decreasing biomechanical overload risk, thus limiting work-related illness and injury, as well as the consequent costs and absenteeism, and to account for patients' care quality, safety, dignity and privacy as regards their needs, including specific personal care and hygiene. The work was mainly done in a close cooperation with a scientific group called EPPHE (European Panel on Patient Handling Ergonomics). Members of this group have been working on the TR and have also been available to support ideas, provide materials and additional resources to assist in the development of the TR. EPPHE was formed in 2004 from a collaboration of Experts from the IEA Technical Committees on Healthcare Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders. (Hignett 2014). The final consensus document includes 6 Annexes with additional information and tools regarding:Risk Assessment and Risk EvaluationOrganizational aspects of patient handling interventionsAids and EquipmentBuildings and EnvironmentStaff education and trainingThe evaluation of intervention effectiveness

Keywords: Health care Ergonomics, Manual handling, Patient handling, Prevention, International standard

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100479

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