Thermal Human Modeling: A Design Tool for Functional Clothing

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Huang Chao aAmeersing Luximon aKwok-Wing Yeung b

Abstract: Functional and smart clothing has been an up-and-coming products for fashion industry. The human model or mannequin, which is a bridge between customer's physical information and design utilization, has vital importance as primary design tool. The physiological messages of human body may have growing needs for design. The traditional geometric human models (G-model), which convey surface anthropometric data, such as shape, volume and size, may be advanced to functional model. Thermal function is highlighted in this study, based upon an emphasized potential of developing new thermal functional clothing for health enhancement and rehabilitation purpose. After reviewing theoretical basis on thermoregulation and body temperature, as well as the future application in fashion industry, the methodology of developing thermal human model (T-model) is introduced, including experiments, data pre-processing and modeling process. The T-model originated from relatively accurate 3D body scanning data has visualized and quantified skin temperature data obtained from thermographs, which may be adopted to 3D fashion design system, e.g. designing, patternmaking, pattern revision, virtual fitting and grading for functional clothing.

Keywords: Thermal human model (T-model), Geometric human model (G-model), functional clothing design, thermography, 3D body scanning

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100420

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