A Facial Mask Study for Chinese Female

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yan Luximon aYan Cong b

Abstract: Facial mask, an essential product for skincare, has become a part of daily life for female population. Existing facial mask design has a lot of misfits including missing regions, corrugation and misplacement. There is a need to build a relationship between a 3D face shape and a 2D mask template. An accurate 3D face model and anthropometric measurements are initial steps to design of masks. 3D surface flattening is a method to generate 2D patterns and is widely used to trim materials in garment and footwear industry. In this study, a manual generation of 2D flat pattern from a set of 3D Chinese female face models was described. Facial mask templates with different sizes and cuts were produced and evaluated. The results revealed that sizing dimensions mainly differed in the width for different face models. In addition, the location and area for eye and mouth regions had a relatively large deviation and therefore it should be paid more attention in the mask design. This study provided more insights into the relationship between 2D flat pattern and 3D face shape. The results were expected as a reference for facial mask design and improve its quality to fit.

Keywords: 3D Surface Flattening, Facial Mask, Anthropometric Measurement, Head and Face

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100421

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