A Study of the Comfort of the Materials for Self-Grown Fashion Creation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Phoebe W. WangM.C.F. Ng

Abstract: There have been increasing attempts for fashion material production to be re-defined towards cost effective, low environmental impact, labour friendly and biodegradable. Among them, biotechnology is believed to be one fine substitute for fashion creation in future. A study is being carried out with an aim to explore futuristic development of fashion design and applications where and when the materials can be grown from natural renewable resources and degradable rather than being designed and produced in the traditional tedious way. This paper reports the investigation of the bacterial cellulose formation process in different concentrations of tea broth and different incubation times. Through the comparison and evaluation of the comfort factors of the materials, the optimal favourable material towards self-grown fashion creation was presented.

Keywords: Self-grown, Nature, Bacterial Cellulose, Comfort, Fashion Creation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100422

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