A Finite Element Mechanical Contact Model of 3D Human Body and a Well-Fitting Bra

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yiqing Cai aWinnie YuaLihua Chenb

Abstract: This paper presents the methods of developing a finite-element (FE) mechanical contact model to simulate the interaction between human breasts and a well-fitting bra. In the FE model, the human breasts are modelled as hyper-elastic material, and the bra is meshed as elastic beam and shell. The FE contact model between the breasts and the bra is defined as a contact pair. The mathematical formulation describes the strain–stress contact mechanics of the 3D human body and the bra under pre-tension. The simulation results provide a fundamental guideline for the calculation of the force mechanics of any body–garment interaction.

Keywords: Finite Element, Contact Model, Simulation, Breasts, Bra, Fit

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100424

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