A New Representational Method of Human Foot Anatomical Landmark and its Application in Foot Posture Data Acquisition

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: KaiWei ZhaoAmeersing LuximonGanesan BalasankarCheeKooi Chan

Abstract: Functions like protection and comfort are essential requirements of the footwear or orthosis. Naturally, the status of foot anatomy features, judged from both inside and skin surface, is of great significance to the effectiveness of the product. In this study, a novel method to estimate the foot anatomy structural deformation from the skin surface in three typical postures is proposed, which can effectively reveal the inner anatomy status without using CT or MRI. Technology of scanning with range sensor is adopted, and it considerably promotes the efficiency of acquisition of the foot texture model. Reverse engineering tools are used to precisely catch the anatomical landmark locations, and the relevant data is shown in the way of comparison.

Keywords: Range Sensor, Texture Model, Anatomical Landmark, Structural Deformation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100414

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