The Digital Evaluation of Driver’s Field of View and its Potential Impact on Cyclist Safety

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Russell MarshallSteve SummerskillSharon Cook

Abstract: Driver vision from vehicles is a long standing issue. One highly topical scenario includes accidents to vulnerable road users and in particular cyclists, from collisions with large goods vehicles (LGVs). In many of these cases driver vision is a potential causal factor in the occurrence of the accident. This paper presents research performed into the evaluation of driver vision, funded by the UK Department for Transport. To support the research, a 3D volumetric assessment technique was developed in the SAMMIE digital human modelling system. This highly visual technique provides an indication of the visible volumes of space around a vehicle and any blind spots. Vision was evaluated for a range of vehicle types from cars through to LGVs. To investigate the potential casual effects of vision in accidents and specifically those involving cyclists, scenarios were identified from UK Police accident data. These scenarios were then modelled and evaluated digitally. The results highlight that blind spots exist on many vehicles and for all driver sizes. Many of these blind spots can be countered by a change in posture of the driver. However, the most significant blind spot was found on Category N3 LGVs to the near-side of the vehicle. The research was also instrumental in a change to the EU Regulation 46 to remove the blind spot from future LGVs.

Keywords: DHM, ergonomics, field of view assessment, cyclist safety, SAMMIE

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100415

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