Extracting Understanding from Automated Metaphor Identification: Contrasting Concepts of Poverty Across Cultures and Languages

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Sarah TayloraLaurie Beth FeldmanbKit W ChobSamira ShaikhbIgnacio CasesbYuliya  PeshkovabGeorge Aaron BroadwellbTing LiubUmit BozbKyle ElliottcBoris YamrombTomek Strzalkowskib

Abstract: We compare several conceptual metaphors for POVERTY – location, enemy, disease, plant, burden - as they appear in English, Russian and Spanish using two different corpora. We additionally explore the English poverty is a location metaphor in detail, looking at the relative importance of its different dimensions and at the picture of poverty is a location that these dimensions suggest. These analyses provide a prototype for future cross language analyses of metaphor to provide cultural insight.

Keywords: Metaphor, Cross-culture, Poverty, Natural Language Processing

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe100194

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